The art and craft of pysanky

Quilts and Eggs

The Art & Soul Gallery sits in the lobby of my home church, Oak Hills, and we rotate art through there every couple of months or so.  Currently we’re showing a collection of quilts by Debby Schnabel, a local artist, and the colors, variety, and workmanship are stunning to say the least.

Debby Schnabel, quilterI had the privilege of “hanging” this gallery, which simply means I took part in arranging the quilts and physically mounting them on the walls for display.  It usually takes two or three people to do the work of hanging a new gallery.  This time Debby Schnabel, the quilt artist, and my painter friend, Randy Blasquez, formed the hanging team.

Just as we do with paintings we laid all the quilts out on the floor to arrange them by color.  Then came the process of figuring out how much space we had and making sure we had a good flow to the whole display.  Finally, we mounted the quilts on the wall.  Whew.  Job well done.

As we worked, I noticed both Debby and Randy had an eye for color and scale with those large quilts that I didn’t have.  And both could spot a quilt hung out of level quickly.  It was a different experience for me.  My eye works best in tiny details.  Working with objects this large, I found I was out of my element.

I love seeing those quilts on the gallery wall, but I really loved coming home to my studio and working on my newest series of quilt-inspired pysanky.  To each her own!Eggs in Basket

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  1. Elaine Lukaszewski

    My Grandmother came from Ukraine and used to make her Easter eggs. Unfortunately over the years all the eggs my Mom had have broke. I was wondering if you can share with me where you got your kit. I would love to make some eggs for my Mom. Also, can you use wooden eggs with this kit or just real ones? Thank you for sharing on Good Day.

    March 29, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    • You can get supplies easily online these days. and are both great places. Get a beginner kit that has the dyes, wax, kistky (writing tools) and some basic instructions. There are also lots of design books available which will help you get started if you can’t find a local class.

      Wooden eggs can be painted to look like pysanky but the traditional wax and dye method only works on real eggshells. Hope that helps.

      March 30, 2013 at 8:47 am

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